What Makes Us Different

To understand what makes Merrick Real Estate different to other businesses in property world it is as important to appreciate what we are not , as well as what we are. We are not a property agent nor single service consultant but rather an Advisor and Asset Manager which stands between the client and a hugely diverse real estate industry and market.

We are a team of ‘best in class’ individuals and corporate partners who are experienced across the full spectrum of acting as principal investor, consultant, asset manager, property developer, and service provider, such that every situation can be fully assimilated, appreciated, developed and executed.

We are a compact business which is absolutely committed to achieving success in any real estate situation. We are energetic, responsive and agile with an embedded work ethic. The people you meet are the people who will work with you on your project.

In Merrick, we use efficient IT, communication tools and platforms to support our work, and given that we spend most of our time with clients or structuring propositions and solutions, we do not need expensive fixed office space. All of which means our own corporate overheads are very low and we can deliver excellent value for money in the services we provide.

To maximise the financial returns from any situation requires a blend of professional property expertise, committed resource, disciplined management ….and capital investment. Where appropriate we also have the ability to provide and deploy capital through our investor relationships which include highly capitalised family office private equity and investment funds covering full purchase, co-investment and intermediate finance positions.

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